Behold! The Jackson crowd-surfing!


Date: 4.1.2015

Yup! 6th Circle turns 5 years old today. It reaLLy doesn't feel like it's been half a decade since I bullied Jackson into writing for my crazy little idea. But he liked the heavy-metal angle, and especially liked that I wanted to make him into a character, and now, 5 years later, here we are. Truth be told, we had originally intended to have the SteamRex show up a good deal earlier (like, 2 years ago), but you know how it goes. Characters needed developing, events that were once current needed covering, and so on. So, here we are, Mike is finally on this rampage across San Francisco, Rayne is fetching 6th Circle Tattoo's anti-burglary device, and Jackson needs new shorts.

Thanks for following the story so far, and sticking with us for all these years. You guys are our rock(s), and we truly appreciate all the support you've given us over these last five years. I promise we do have something resembling a plan on where the Gang's story is going. You'll dig it. Seriously.

Now where's that damn cake? Beardhammer better not have eaten it all, again!

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, -Xander




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