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Date: 5.13.2015

Hey guys! *Whew* - that was a little rough there for a bit. Sorry about the radio-silence and the following (temporary) shutdown of the site earlier this month. Basically, some files within the framework of our little website network became corrupted, and needed to be "scrubbed" to clean out all the bad crap causing problems. The service from our web host had to be suspended in order to fix the issue. Sorry about the delay.

Speaking of delays, earlier this year we announced a new addition to our team - Nikki Nevarez, who would be taking over coloring duties for 6th Circle. Unfortunately, she's going through a significant rough patch these past couple of weeks, and needs to concentrate on getting her ducks in a row. So, while she works on that, I'm back in the saddle once again. However, Jackson & I would really appreciate it if you all sent good vibes, thoughts and energies Nikki's way. These are not simple situations she's dealing with, and any and all support from you crazies can send out would be awesome!

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We'd love to hear from you guys, so don't be shy! Leave us a comment on our Facebook page, we post pretty regularly, and would like to interact with you crazy bastards!!

Thanks again for bearing with our spotty updates this year. Life is life, y'know? Keep on tuning in!

Cheers, friends!

, -Xander




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